Shanghai Dafu Pump Industry Co., Ltd. Wenling branch
Shanghai Dafu Pump Industry Co.,Ltd. founded since, always implement the "exquisite design, high tech manufacturing" philosophy, committed to development and innovation of new products, to meet higher requirements. The company's core products are corrosion resistant energy-saving centrifugal pump, submersible pump, automatic hot and cold water pump, self suction water pump and other sixteen series of hundreds of pump products. It has the advantages of unique design, novel style, reasonable structure, low energy consumption, high efficiency, good sealing performance, products sell well all over the country and Southeast Asian countries.
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01Domestic water

The utility model has the advantages of small noise, small vibration, small daily maintenance work, long maintenance cycle, long product life, etc.

02Floor pressurization

The utility model is suitable for reforming the old heating system with unbalanced hydraulic power, and is suitable for the new heating / air conditioning project.

03Agricultural irrigation

Effective use of water resources can be effectively used to maximize water availability and to enter semi-automatic agricultural irrigation patterns.